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Allison was a strong resource for our department because she kept us informed on the latest social ad strategies, as well as the latest trends within our industry. She is resourceful, hard-working, and extremely intelligent. Her talent is a rare find. Her knowledge of the social and digital world combined with her positive personality will put any business she works within a greater position to succeed.

Stephanie Lange

Marketing Director, Anderson Automotive Group

“It’s been great working with Allison because I can set it and forget it.”

Sophia Cheng

Communications Manager, If Not Us Then Who?

Allison helped me create a strategy from beginning to end. It took the whole stress of filming and preparing, planning out for me. We came up with a mission for what we wanted this video to do for us. She helped me craft the message literally helped me write the lines. […] I know that this time we’re really going to nail it and we’re going to get that message out exactly how we want and it’s going to have a huge impact on my business!

Jennifer Lachs

Founder, Digital Nomad Girls

Allison’s years of online video expertise come across effortlessly and confidently. She is able to see each stage of a video’s journey, and what is needed to make it more accessible for the audience. She is knowledgable about implementing the video on a variety of platforms, including websites and social media. Allison helped me refine the key phrases that will be implemented with my brand, and how best to drive home my values to viewers.

Seren Sahota

Writer and Activist